Designers already know what to replace smartphones

<pre>Designers already know what to replace smartphones


Users are accustomed to modern smartphones with touch screens. Moreover, soon the appearance on the market of folding devices, combining the advantages and smart phone and tablet. But the other technology, shown on sketches, is being developed, based on which the device will be able to completely replace the usual phone. And it's not about smart hours.

Smart LG stylus instead of phone

 Smart LG stylus instead of phone  Smart LG stylus instead of phone

LG patents an intelligent stylus that can replace the phone in the future. The new development was considered in the illustrated note Ro (Ro), published resource

The key feature of the stylus in question are two displays. Shortcuts display application shortcuts and notifications. The large screen of the device is flexible and foldable. A special button is designed for folding and unfolding the display. Thus, the novelty, if necessary, can be used as a smartphone familiar to modern users. With it, you can start all the usual applications, and also use the device to navigate the web and text communication. It is assumed that the smart stylus display is similar to the one shown by the company on CES 2018 in the 65-inch screen TV, though smaller. 19659009 Smart LG stylus instead of the phone ” width=”728″ height=”457″ class=”lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter size-full wp-image-163803″> Smart LG stylus instead

In addition to displays, the stylus of the future is equipped with a set of sensors that are typical for a modern smartphone. Among them may be – gyroscope, proximity and pressure sensors and even sensors that track eye movements. Since the stylus can also be equipped with a fingerprint scanner, microphone and speaker for voice communication, it will become a full-fledged phone.

 Smart LG stylus instead of phone  Smart LG stylus instead of phone

In addition, there is also another interesting a feature that allows the stylus to work with any smart device – for example, with a smartphone or tablet. If you write this stylus on any surface, it will appear on the screen of the paired device.

 Smart LG stylus instead of phone  Smart LG stylus instead of phone

However, the patented technology does not yet mean that it will soon find its use in the real device. Moreover, it is not even known whether such a device will ever see light at all.

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