Digital mothering: New appliances claim to know what's best for you – Tech News

<pre>Digital mothering: New appliances claim to know what's best for you - Tech News
It sounds like a conspiracy: “Smart watches and kitchen appliances are working together.” But Olaf Nedorn, marketing director at Siemens, is completely enthusiastic when describing appliance features that may soon become reality.

If your smart watch notices that you did not sleep much last night, then your coffee machine would suggest a stronger cappuccino the next morning. This is one of the examples of the future connected with the IF in Berlin (Aug 31 – Sept 5).

Another example: If you do not stick to your exercise routine, then that means you haven 't burnt enough calories. As a result, an app on your phone will suggest that you can buy any ingredients missing from your fridge.

Right now, nobody knows how many consumers really want that kind of digital care. But in any case, big appliance manufacturers like Siemens, Bosch and Miele are all stressing how much more freedom, flexibility and comfort consumers will gain with their new smart systems.

“It's not about being connected just for the sake of being connected , “says Roland Hagenbucher, Manager of Siemens Home Appliances. “It's about finding the solutions that consumers find useful.”

The electronics industry has been connected with appliances in Germany – in 2017, only 3% of washing machines, dishwashers and electric stoves. But in the Asia-Pacific region, it's a whole other story. Twenty percent of appliances sold in the first half of 2018 can be categorized as smart home appliances.

One of the problems You can not use the app from Miele for your dishwasher from Siemens. At the moment, there are only a few platforms that can be used for switch. – dpa

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