Do modern teens watch TV

<pre>Do modern teens watch TV

In recent forecasts, we talked about the need for media companies to look more closely at the requirements of Generation Z. Colleagues from Business Insider interviewed 100 teenagers. The task is to find out how they watch TV. The poll results should make television companies change, because Generation Z is the audience of the future.

Marketers believe that this generation is very different from the previous ones. Companies go to various tricks, for example, imagine themselves in social networks, but this does not always work well. As it turned out, television broadcasts attract the attention of teenagers is not so simple.

17-year-old Grace Clarke said that she does not watch TV. Instead, she watches the video on YouTube. The main advantage of the platform for it is that the videos are usually shorter than the television programs, and can keep its attention throughout the entire video. A 20-minute video seems ideal to her.

Yes, it's worth considering that not many of the people born after 1997 remember life without smartphones and social networks. Turning to the survey results, let's say that only two percent of teens can call television the main source of video content for themselves.

Almost a third prefer watching videos on YouTube. 62 percent also use other services for streaming video, like Netflix. Television for teens is a means of communicating with the family, a way to watch news, or a nightlight.

16-year-old Grace Serdula prefers YouTube, because she can watch whatever she wants. By the way, it turned out that among the teenagers are popular old serials that do not show on the air.

The prevalence of smartphones made a big impact on the survey results. It is with their help that teens prefer to watch videos, and it's not that they do not have access to a TV. And of course, a great choice, the ability to watch content without interruption and without advertising, and the ability to rewind makes television obsolete for teens.

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