Does the animation unlock on iOS 11? There is a solution!

<pre>Does the animation unlock on iOS 11? There is a solution!

The year 2017 was really difficult for Apple, especially for software development. iOS 11 received a lot of negative feedback from users. The defects, of course, were always, but not in the same volume as we see on the latest version of the OS. However, most of the problems have already been resolved, except for one of the most annoying. It's about braking screen unlock animation.

Recently it became known about the way that solves this problem, especially relevant for such old devices as iPhone 5s and iPhone 6.
The solution was extremely simple. You just need to change the language of your iPhone. To do this, go to Settings – General – Language and Region and set the iPhone language to English.

After updating the language, the device will return to the Home screen and display it in the selected language. For reliability, you can also reboot the device.

Done! The effect of changing the language of iOS you will notice right away, as soon as you return to the lock screen. Surprisingly, this method helped, and the animation finally became smooth, as it should have been originally.

Of course, this method is just a compromise, and I want to believe that later Apple will correct this annoying mistake in future iOS 11 updates. at least the prerequisites for this are.

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