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The biggest in-vehicle trend across all three markets was the ‘onboard' or ‘in-car' camera. — AFP

Google conducted an Automotive Trends Report 2018 to compare in-vehicle trends, based on searches from Sept 2015 to Aug 2017 as well as YouTube what is is consumers are looking for in terms of their cars.

Three very different markets

Mad about their pets, Americans clearly like to travel with the 'whole' family. A significant and rising number of queries, start with a dog, a car, as well as a dog, with the following terms: seat, covers, hammock, seat belt.

This could be particularly interesting for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in finding solutions for making travel with furry friends as comfortable and safe as possible. Many Germans were focused on digital radio, which may have been created by a country-wide initiative to convert all radio and television services to digital.

launched launched in 2010, and the key concern seems to be 'DAB autoradio' (DAB car radio) or something of that nature. “I simply bought a new DAB-compatible radio to get a more stable radio connection. I really enjoy the clear sound now, “said Björn G from Germany.

Meanwhile Japanese consumers are interested in bringing more comforts of home into the car with them, including curtains. Other searches included car seat cover, car cushion, car humidifier and car refrigerator.

One thing in common

There is a cultural consensus about one thing: the desire to use technology to facilitate and protect drivers or passengers.

The biggest in the car was the 'onboard' or 'in-car' camera. Cameras and sensors are used for assisting with parking and autonomous driving.

Examples for such queries like “dash cam” and “drive recording” suggest that there is not exactly established terminology. “Hidden” and “mirror” were also linked to these searches, suggesting that consumers want something not too obvious and exploring.

Ideally, something 360 °, covering all sides of the car in case of an accident. This is a growing demand in Japan, and now a very hot topic in the US. – AP Relaxnews

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