Dubai challenges China in building the world's largest waste-processing plant

<pre>Dubai challenges China in building the world's largest waste-processing plant

What unites the town of Varsan in the emirate of Dubai and East Shenzhen in China? And there, and there deployed the construction of the largest on the planet enterprises to turn garbage into energy. Nominally, the projects do not compete with each other, but it is known that the Dubai plant will be able to issue 20 MW per year more – up to 185 MW of energy.

The amount of debris in China and Dubai is so great that the construction of a processing plant with capacity A nuclear power plant is economically very profitable. Garbage will be 5.5 thousand tons per day less, up to 2 million tons per year, which is 60% of all waste in Dubai. And energy – more, about +2% of all consumed now in the emirate. The benefit is obvious.

The Dubai garbage processing plant will be built on a 2 hectare land plot in the region of Varsan. The project will be implemented by the Swiss company Hitachi Zosen Inova and the Belgian Besix Group. Construction will begin in the coming months, the cost of the project is $ 680 million.

It is expected that the Dubai plant will reach its designed capacity by 2020, and energy from it will be used for the Expo 2020 exhibition. The tribute to the time – the concept of turning garbage into energy is gaining popularity all over the world, but not everywhere dare to approach a solution issue on such a big scale.

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