Dubai to build the largest vertical farm in the world

<pre>Dubai to build the largest vertical farm in the world

Dubai Emirate wants to get another “high-tech” attraction – the world's largest vertical type farm, a garden tower. The joint project of Emirates Flight Catering and Silicon Valley-Crop One involves the erection of a structure with a useful area of ​​12,000 sq.m. For comparison, current record holders in this area – FarmedHere area of ​​8400 square meters. m in Chicago and Aerofarms in New Jersey with an area of ​​6400 sq. m. m.

The highlight of the project is that the building has an unprecedented level of automation and autonomy. In particular, there is a control over each milliliter of the substance used in the processing of soil and plants. Therefore, you can do without herbicides and pesticides, plus water consumption will be reduced to 1% of the norm for a similar field in the open air. This will allow to grow such a volume of production, for which 360 hectares of fields are usually required.


There are no emissions to the environment, and therefore the construction can be built anywhere without violating environmental norms. Without further ado, the tower-farm will be erected right next to the airport, so that fresh vegetables and greens arrive on board the aircraft from the garden in a matter of minutes. Only Emirates Airlines passengers will be able to tell them, but sales of products in the future are also possible – according to calculations the harvest will reach 2,700 kg per day.

Dubai authorities approved the construction of a giant vertical farm with the proviso that the project will become a pilot. Under such a construction, a minimum of land is needed, and its miniature versions can be mounted on ships, in trains, in ordinary houses, etc. Construction will begin in November 2018, and the first harvest is expected to be collected by December 2019.

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