Due to what Samsung will lower prices for their smartphones?

<pre>Due to what Samsung will lower prices for their smartphones?

Cases where manufacturers have teamed up to collaborate on smartphones can be literally counted on fingers. The best-known results of the collaboration are the Nexus and Pixel rulers, which Google created with top vendors, as well as the ROKR E1 music phone from Apple and Motorola. Recently, Samsung has decided to go along the same path with the Chinese manufacturer Wintech, which Xiaomi has been cooperating with for many years.

According to the South Korean edition of The Korea Herald, the agreement between Samsung and Wintech provides for a reduction in Samsung's role in the production process, and the development of future devices. Despite this, the vendor will be in close contact with the Chinese partner, controlling the quality of products. At the same time, the question of under which brand Wintech and Samsung joint devices will come out is still open, not excluding the possibility of abandoning the use of the Galaxy trademark in favor of the new one.

Why all this?

the cost of producing smartphones and their further popularization in mainland China, where Korean products are in extremely low demand. This fact has long been a concern for Samsung Electronics management, whose representatives regularly visit the country in order to search for new directions of development and ways to revive former popularity.

Samsung did not confirm the fact of the upcoming release of smartphones under the Samsung-Wintech brand, but said they were considering such a probability, and not only in China. Moving production closer to problem regions, where sales of branded equipment leave much to be desired, could have a positive impact on its promotion due to preferences that local people have to local brands.

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