Dunk Shot – Elementary basketball from Ketchapp

<pre>Dunk Shot - Elementary basketball from Ketchapp

The street is spring. The temperature gradually creeps up, so there are more reasons for mobile games. If you do not have the mood, then Dunk Shot will help you to throw balls into the basket. The arcade came from Ketchapp, so it will not be boring.

The game is by tradition simple. It takes five seconds to explain the rules. Our task is to transfer basketballs from one ring to another. At the same time, we rise higher. The nets of the rings are tied, so the ball is securely fixed inside.

For the throws we use the finger: pull the ball, select the correct trajectory and release the projectile in free flight. If he hits the target, we'll get extra points.

In the game, it's important not to limit fantasy. You can throw and ricochets from the walls, and for this give more points. Motivate to update the records will be new balls. You can admire the entire collection in the main menu.

We recommend you to play without connecting to the Internet. Otherwise, ads will appear on the screen. Disable it for money.

Dunk Shot – another great time killer from Ketchapp. The game will be carried away in a free minute, but it will allow you to distract yourself at any time.

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