Elastic Car 2 – BeamNG on the minimals

<pre>Elastic Car 2 - BeamNG on the minimals

For some reason, BeamNG was recalled during testing of Elastic Car 2. But Algodoo is also remembered. The latter, of course, is much larger, but it was possible to download maps with destructible cars.

Elastic Car 2 offers the player a lot of maps and cars that you can buy for game currency. If the Internet is on, coins automatically accumulate. They can be collected additionally on maps. One coin on the card is equal to one hundred. With the help of coins, you can tune a car, and not only its running qualities, but also the appearance, for example, of disks. It is also possible to change the diameter of the wheels.

Graphics in Elastic Car 2 are out-of-date, executed in 2D format and does not have any visual effects. The main feature of the game was the physics of damage to cars. A stone on a hill can turn a car into a piece of metal.

But there are drawbacks. For some reason, cars behave very strange, the body goes shaking and literally collapses before our eyes. Sensation that parts of the body are fixed on rubber ropes.

In the case of Algodoo, such a jelly is not traceable. Probably, the developers used the ready game engine, and to implement such an engine simply does not suit. But even with this in mind, Elastic Car 2 is a pleasure.

Appendix: Elastic car 2 (engineer mode) Developer: RALIS-STUDIO Category: Simulators Version: 1.0.0 Price: Free Download: Google Play The application has already become interested:             1 person

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