End your slow startup woes with this easy tip for Windows 10 – Tech News

It can be frustrating when a laptop takes a long time to boot up, but you can easily cut the time with a few simple steps. — dpa

Older notebooks with magnetic hard drives often take quite a while to start up. However, you can easily speed up your startup time by reducing the number of programs that start automatically.

To do this, open the Windows Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl, Alt and Del keys simultaneously.

The “Startup” tab will then show you a list of programs that start automatically when the computer is turned on.

The “Status Impact” rating is based on the CPU and disk usage of individual programs.

To make Windows boot up faster, you will want as few programs as possible in the “Startup impact” column to be active while booting.

Programs can be prevented from starting automatically by clicking on “Disable.” – dpa

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