EU Tells Internet Firms to Delete Terrorist Content Within One Hour

<pre>EU Tells Internet Firms to Delete Terrorist Content Within One Hour

The European Commission is to tell the internet that the online communication is based on the results of the investigation.

The new “one-hour rule” is among the list of recommendations that the commission published on Thursday. The goal is to push the tech industry to the very best, but it's the best way to get rid of it. “

” Considering that a general rule to remove such content within one hour of its flagging by law enforcement authorities and Europol, “the commission said in its latest proposal.

Ideally, internet companies will voluntarily adopt the recommendations. But, if necessary, the commission can also craft legislation to make the recommendations into law, it said.

“In addition, the commission is called for the automatic detection of terrorist content and the streamlining of other take down procedures.

” While several platforms have been removed more than ever before -showing that the self-regulation can work-we still need to react more rapidly than terrorist propaganda, “said commission vice president Andrus Ansip in a statement.

[19659002] So far, Google and Facebook are remaining publicly upbeat on the European Commission's demands. But neither can they be achieved by the one-hour rule.

“We're doing more than ever to prevent the abuse of our services, including hiring more people and investing in machine learning technology, and we're making real progress , “Google said in an email.

” However, a European trade association that represents several internet companies (19659002) “Our sector accepts the urgency but needs to balance the responsibility to protect users while upholding fundamental rights,” said the EDiMA, which counts Google, Facebook and Twitter, as among its members. “A one-hour turn-around time in such cases could harm the effectiveness of service providers' take-down systems rather than help.”

The privacy group, European Digital Rights, also took issue with the one-hour rule. It will afford little time to “assess the illegality of the content” or whether it is deleterious to the data, it may have counter-productive effects, like interfering with criminal investigations, it said.

The recommendations from the commission also push the internet industry to to implement a “voluntary” censorship of the internet, as opposed to developing the actual policy, the group claimed.

“The European Commission's short-cut, where it puts the focus on 'voluntary' , “it added.

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