Experts iFixit evaluated the maintainability of the Galaxy S9 +

<pre>Experts iFixit evaluated the maintainability of the Galaxy S9 +

The newest Galaxy S9 + in terms of maintainability is exactly the same as its predecessor, iFixit experts found out. As a result of the test dismantling, the smartphone scored only 4 points out of 10 possible, which is a rather mediocre result.

Like last year, the manufacturer uses glue to connect the components. It greatly complicates access to the interior of the smartphone, reducing the maintainability index. To repair the Galaxy S9 +, it takes an enormous amount of time and nerves, iFixit assures.

Replacement of such a component as a battery is possible in principle, but due to the internal device of the smartphone it will not be easy to get close to it. In the process of dismantling the battery, it is possible to damage the components located in the immediate vicinity of it.

The monolithic nature of the Galaxy S9 + case for repair shop technicians will become a minus rather than a plus. To replace the display panel will have to remove the back, which only complicates the process. At the same time, there is a risk of damage to the case and violation of moisture protection.

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