Extreme life-saving float instantly inflated when in contact with water

<pre>Extreme life-saving float instantly inflated when in contact with water

The authors of the OneUp startup believe that the good old life buoy of floating material can become obsolete overnight if everyone has their product at hand. It is a float that, when in contact with water, inflates faster than a drowning man has time to get lost. And it's much easier to carry with you than any other rescue tool.

Structurally, OneUp consists of a polyurethane float in the form of an open circle, a CO2 cylinder under pressure, a boot and an activation mechanism. In the latter is a chemical component that reacts to moisture, instantly dissolving and opening the lock. Gas rushes into the tank, the float is pushed out of the cover and fully inflated for 2 seconds.

With modest dimensions (an extreme float in a case the size of a glass of coffee and weighs only 363 grams), in an inflated condition the device keeps afloat to 150 kg of weight. It can be worn around the neck, over the shoulder, wrapped around the waist, or dock several floats together. When the danger is over, OneUp is blown off, folded back into the cover and ready for reuse. The price of the device is $ 49 per copy.

Due to the compact dimensions, OneUp can be very useful for professional rescuers – a trained person can easily and accurately throw a bag with a float for a long distance. And if there is a service station, it's not a problem to keep ammunition from dozens of loaded floats at hand.

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