EyeCo gadget will notify the owner of an important event during extreme entertainment

<pre>EyeCo gadget will notify the owner of an important event during extreme entertainment

Jerome Lakot, an ex-video game developer and world champion in riding a mountain bike, realized the old dream of his colleagues in the form of a new universal accessory. When you rush from a slope, do pirouettes or try to save your life, there is no way to get hold of the gadget and see vital information. Turn your head or bring your wrist with a clever clock and it is not always possible. Therefore, EyeCo was created.

The device is inherently a small but “smart” LED light bulb. It is attached to a magnet or sticky tape in the lower corner of the helmet, ski mask or other protection for the head. EyeCo connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and is used as an indicator of important events. For example, you want to put your speed record on a specific track – when you accelerate to the desired indicator, the lamp will light up automatically.

You can set up EyeCo to signal when approaching a certain point on the track, through the binding to GPS coordinates. There are red and green hues to indicate the rider, he can withstand the set pace or falls behind. EyeCo adapts its brightness to the level of illumination and can blink to give hints to the owner about anything – it all depends on the initial setting of the application.

The gadget also has a rescue function, a shock sensor, upon activation of which the system after a while sends an SOS signal to the assigned number, if the user does not cancel it. One charge of batteries with intensive operation is enough for several weeks of work. The cost of EyeCo is $ 199 for the first startup investors.

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