Face enough: how Face ID affected the industry

<pre>Face enough: how Face ID affected the industry

Apple is by no means the only company that relies on face recognition, believing that this is the best way to identify. The same opinion is shared by the airlines – even so far as an experiment.

British Airways is already testing such technologies to speed up the landing process in Orlando, Los Angeles, Miami and New York. New biometric turnstiles have already eliminated the need for customers to submit their boarding pass and passport before departure. High-definition cameras read unique facial features and compare them with photos of a passport or visa.

According to British Airways, thus, it managed to service more than 400 customers in 22 minutes – much faster than usual. The airline also tests face recognition for the registration of passengers on arrival, allowing to miss the quickest process of fingerprinting.

Carolina Martini, Customer Service Director of British Airways, notes: “Our airline is a pioneer in the use of biometric technologies, we invested 4 , 5 billion pounds to benefit customers, avoid queues and simplify landing registration. ” As reported by Engadget, airlines such as Jet Blue and Delta already experience similar recognition systems, promising to introduce them in the near future.

How soon do you think technologies of this kind will reach our latitudes? Do you consider this method of identification to be safe? Write about it in the comments.

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