Facebook Launches Lasso, a New App To Compete with TikTok

<pre>Facebook Launches Lasso, a New App To Compete with TikTok

You can create and share short 15-second videos with Facebook's new standalone app. The Lasso app is available today for Android and iOS devices.

Facebook has been released. You can then share it over the app.

On Friday, Facebook has been released. But for now, it is only available for users in the US. “We’ve been gathering feedback,” he said. TikTok offers. When making your videos, there are millions of licensed songs from Facebook's extensive music library.

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TikTok is growing in popularity, especially among teens. The app, which has been a musician.ly, is another short video social app, for almost $ 1 billion. Integrated company service with TikTok. Since then, the daily app downloads for TikTok and Facebook, Instagram, according to the app. Sensor Tower Tower.

However, it’s a lot of privacy.

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