Facebook sent personal data to 60 smartphone manufacturers

<pre>Facebook sent personal data to 60 smartphone manufacturers

Over the past 10 years, Facebook has transferred personal data of its users to 60 smartphone manufacturers, the New York Times found. The social network did this without the knowledge of clients, violating their right to privacy.

The data that Facebook shared with producers included the membership of users in religion, their marital status, political views, and the place of work, past and future activities and all kinds of addictions. These include preferences in music, films, etc.

“Imagine that you put a new door lock on, and then you learned that the locksmith gave out the keys to him to all his friends so that they can come when they want, without your “commented Ashkan Soltani, ex-chief technologist of the US Federal Trade Commission.

At the request of The New York Times, Facebook representatives responded that data on users are provided to smartphone manufacturers through partnerships. This is necessary to improve the quality of service, allowing to individualize the services provided by vendors to their customers.

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