Facebook uses the phone numbers of users to send spam

<pre>Facebook uses the phone numbers of users to send spam

Facebook users who set up two-factor authentication using their mobile phone number started receiving regular SMS notifications about all actions with the account. The management of the social network did not provide an obvious opportunity to refuse the mailing, which triggered a storm of negativity.

“When I set up two-factor authentication on Facebook, they took advantage of this to send me spam alerts,” says Gabriel Lewis. – [Всякий раз, когда я пытался ответить на оповещения]they sent my messages to my wall. “

In her indignation, Lewis was supported by a mass of users, among whom were very eminent people. Evidently the negative influence of Facebook's actions was written by the well-known sociologist Zeynep Tufekki. According to him, what the leadership of the social network allows is absolutely unacceptable from the point of view of law and morals.

Facebook representatives hastened to justify their actions by replying that, when notifying users of all actions with accounts, they only provide their safety. “We are studying this situation to make sure that we can allow users to manage incoming notifications,” summed up Facebook.

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