Features of Huawei P20 Pro, which will not be discussed in the reviews

<pre>Features of Huawei P20 Pro, which will not be discussed in the reviews

Huawei P20 Pro – the flagship with an excellent camera. Already, the owners of the device note the problems with the shell, which, in their opinion, lags. However, the device has other features that those who want to purchase the device in the future should know about.


We will base ourselves on the opinion of the Canadian owner P20 Pro, who published a video on the channel Picky About Tech. He uses the device not as the main one, but rather as a camera phone, but even in this case he managed to reveal a number of interesting features.


The official Canadian site flaunts all versions of P20 Pro, including a gradient color, but on sale only black version. A pretty unpleasant moment for the Canadian consumer.


The smartphone owner noticed in some reviews of the P20 Pro the cover that comes with it, however in the version for Canada the cover for some reason does not exist.


Camera in P20 Pro performs quite strongly, so much so that even in the case the camera's glass will scratch against the surface.


It's very fast!

Cutout in the display

Some applications, for example Instagram and Snapchat, are not adapted under the cutout. The upper part of the Instagram stories is simply cut out, leaving 2/3 of the user's avatar on the screen.


It's hard to get used to the cutout, so first time the smartphone owners will snap, pushing the shutter with notifications, not on the sides of the screen, but in the center, leaving traces on the glass of the front camera.

Notification icons

In smartphones with a cutout, as a rule, only the notifications are located on the left side of the status bar, and to the right – various indicators. In the case of the P20 Pro, the icons are strangely scattered: on the left side, along with notifications, you can see the Wi-Fi icons and the “In Airplane” mode. This prevents you from quickly viewing the new notifications.

The long display

The author of the video considers the smartphone to be very long. They reach out to the top of the display with one hand and simply can not. However, a pleasant feature will be the presence of a one-handed control mode similar to MIUI.


Many reviewers, and now the author of the video, note the problems in the device after installing an external launcher, which stops working and again launches Huawei's native launcher.


Canadian colleague surprised the use of spoken dynamics as a second, complementary work of the main end dynamics. Yes, now not every device can boast like that, so we'll highlight it as a feature.

Notification indicator

The light indicator located in the cutout was unexpected.

Incorrect operation of some applications

For example , in Snapseed oddly works scrolling, gesture of approximation, which the author of the movie did not notice on other devices.

Charging time

Yes, the device supports fast charging, and in the kit you can find an adapter supporting Quick Charge. However, in the event that the adapter is too lazy or if you charge the device in the car, the charging process will be very long.

Android Auto

Many complain about the operation of Huawei smartphones coupled with Android Auto, and The problem concerns not only the P20 Pro. The problem lies in the frequent interruptions of the Bluetooth connection, the track ceases to play, and so on.

The main camera

The author of the video noted the stunning quality of the main 40-megapixel camera.

3X zoom

If you use a three-fold magnification, you can see a low resolution picture, as well as a poor focus.

Front camera

If you switch to the front camera, the standard mode is portrait, which blurs photo and makes the face unnatural. If you select automatic mode, then go back to the front camera, the mode again changes to portrait mode. And this is really an unpleasant moment when the user needs to switch to automatic mode each time he switches to the front camera.

Manual shooting mode

In manual mode, the current parameters selected by the automatic mode, but if the user wants to slightly change these values, this will not be easy. Because when trying to change them, the smartphone will offer to start choosing not from the value that is selected by the automatic mode, but from the very extreme, under which the automatic mode icon is located.

Automatic shooting mode

auto mode to change the exposure of the camera up or down, and then take a photo, the camera will reset the old exposure settings to automatic.

Night mode photo

It's stunning. Night shots are the main plus of the smartphone.

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