Feeling you are actually flying: Torso controls for piloting drones – Tech News

<pre>Feeling you are actually flying: Torso controls for piloting drones - Tech News
While the joystick has been studied for a long time, research has been carried out on research and development, The Swiss university EPFL suggests that using torso to pilot flying machines is more effective and immersive than the commonly used joystick.

In tests involving over 50 people tasked with controlling drones, they found that torso drone control outperformed joystick control in precision and reliability after only minimal training sessions.

“Using your sensors on your candidate's upper body to control,” says author Jenifer Miehlbradt from EPFL's Translational Neuroengineering Laboratory. the drone, the researchers found that only four markers were needed on the torso to effectively pilot flight simulators and real drones through a circuit of obsta cles.

Miehlbrant says that using the torso to control the drone frees up the limbs and head and requires less concentration, allowing to user on focus on other tasks, such as search and rescue, more easily.

While the system still requires body markers and external motion detectors to work, the researchers aim to make the torso model completely wearable for piloting flying objects.

From here, it is hoped that piloting flight simulators, drones and even planes in the future. – dpa

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