Financiers of Morgan Stanley warn that the real price of bitcoin is zero

<pre>Financiers of Morgan Stanley warn that the real price of bitcoin is zero

Analysts of the financial holding Morgan Stanley prepared a note to their clients, from which it follows that the crypto currency “bitcoin” has no real value. And investment in it is extremely risky, despite the high current rate. On December 17, 2017, he reached a peak of just under $ 20,000 for a “cryptonet.”

Bitcoin was in the spotlight of financial circles, as he sharply added in price. The growth since January 1, 2017 was 2000% and at the end of the year at the Chicago Stock Exchange even launched official bidding bitcoins. At the same time in Morgan Stanley officially promised to dismiss with disgrace any trader who will touch upon this topic. Why to crypto currency such a contradictory attitude?

According to analyst James Fossett, bitcoin by definition does not fall into the category of currencies – it is not provided with government obligations, like the ruble, the dollar or the euro. He does not have a real, unchanging value, like gold or precious stones. Finally, the very existence of a digital currency is directly dependent on the maintenance of the Internet system and outside of it this “means of payment” does not matter.

On the other hand, “strike the iron while it's hot.” Those who are currently investing in bitcoin, want only to break the jackpot, having played at the course jumps and selling their “coins” before the inflated “crypto bubble” bursts. From the point of view of “honest” financiers, this is not even speculation, but open fraud.

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