Flight Pilot – become a pilot

<pre>Flight Pilot - become a pilot

Tens of hours spent on PC simulators made them even more fond of them. Take-offs, landings and flights to the most beautiful places, recreated in 3D-space. Simulators allow you to feel the charm of such a dangerous profession of a civil aviation pilot.

However, it is not always convenient to use a personal computer to play the flight simulator. For such cases, mobile game developers produce many simulations every year.

Flight Pilot does not offer strong realism in comparison with other paid games, but the game will be a good arcade option for those who want to feel like an airplane pilot for a moment.

Vo Flight Pilot a strong roll will not lead to loss of traction, only the basic laws of physics and no nuances faced by pilots in real life are observed here, therefore the language can not be called a simulator.


Kro ie, in the game there is no way to switch a button in the cockpit, and the kind of first-person simply does not. Graphics in Flight Pilot is common.

The game has some kind of plot mode, the player needs to go through missions. At each level there is a final mission, for which you need to buy a special aircraft. The passage of the missions preceding the main one will allow you to save enough money to buy.

Flight Pilot is hard to call the best, but unfortunately we did not find among the free solutions of a more interesting option.

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