FLO – sliding along the horizon


It's difficult to see the horizon in big cities – usually the view is blocked by skyscrapers. But if you want, you can. Will help an unusual arcade FLO. In it, we control the ball and bring it as far as possible, at the same time destroying the records of friends.

The meaning of the game is simple. Before us is the horizon, which then goes up, then gradually decreases. On it rolls the ball. Movement is automatic – the speed can not be affected. But you can change the trajectory.

Tapas will help in this. One click on the screen will send the ball under the horizon. Another tap will return it to its place.

The task is reduced to timely switching between different sides of the horizon. If you do not go down when you climb up the mountain, the ball will fly to the sky, it will fall to the ground loudly and will significantly slow down the speed. Here, we are most likely to be caught by the Wall of Death that rushes from behind.

In addition, diving under the line will allow you to gain speed when climbing up. A trip on the top accelerates downward movement.

The game process will be hindered by mines. As soon as you see the obstacle on your way, immediately jump to the opposite side of the horizon. If you blow up, the darkness will absorb the ball again, and the game will end.

The FLO is a good social component. The game sees the records of friends on social networks and shows them along the way. As soon as your result exceeds the number of the friend, the ball with the ring will break the wall of the account. A trifle, but nice.

In the end, FLO joins the list of arcades that can entertain at a free moment. A separate bonus is action music, which very accurately conveys the atmosphere of pursuit.

Application: FLO Developer: Rogue Games Category: Arcade Price: Free (with built-in purchases) Download: Google Play The application was already interested:             9 people

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