Foldable ukulele Astro fits in your pocket

<pre>Foldable ukulele Astro fits in your pocket

Ukulele is a small four-stringed Hawaiian guitar. Its dimensions range from 53 to 81 cm. The team of the Italian startup Astro is confident that even 53 cm is a lot, especially when it comes to luggage where everything is packed extremely compactly.

To begin with, unlike the classical wooden ukulele-soprano, Astro – electronic instrument. Its dimensions in the folded form are 28 x 10 x 6 cm (length, width, thickness), which allows to place the device in the pocket of a backpack, where a half-liter bottle of water is usually placed. In the “combat position” the dimensions of the Astro increase to 55 x 15 x 4 cm.

The neck folds (breaks) in half with the help of a special hinge mechanism and a floating bridge without having to remove tensioned strings. The Astro is made of wood and ABS plastic, and the neck is decorated in mahogany.

The instrument is made in two versions – the acoustic model Astro A, which gives a volume of up to 50 dB and an electric Astro E. On the body for greater convenience, 2 “wings” are provided. The creators of electronic ukulele develop a special application – Contemporary Astro, which will allow the musician to record their compositions, change them and share them with friends.

Uculele Astro E can be found and purchased at the Kickstarter for 149 euros, and the acoustic model A for 169 euros.

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