For Android released an update that is not available to iPhone users

<pre>For Android released an update that is not available to iPhone users

The well-known application for many years has been updated to the sixty-second version for all significant platforms of the present, except for iOS – Windows, Mac and Linux, and not just for Android.

Mozilla has updated the Firefox browser for various platforms , notes Prasad (Prasad) on the pages of the resource

Mozilla has updated Firefox for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux to version 62


First of all, in the mobile version of the browser, which is one of the notable alternatives to Chrome for Android, which also Recently updated, improved performance scrolling. After testing the new version notes that scrolling works more smoothly. In fact earlier it “braked” even on smartphones with Snapdragon 845. However, the responsiveness of scrolling is still far from being called pleasant for use. When you scroll, there is a feeling “like lifting something heavy.” For comparison, scrolling in other developments of Mozilla – Firefox Focus and Firefox Rocket – runs on Android smoothly. In the new version of Firefox for Android, tracker locking is enabled by default.

The updated version of Firefox for computers (Windows, Mac and Linux) implements CSS Variable Fonts fonts. This allows the system to download fewer font files. Previous versions required the availability of different font files for one typeface (font family) in different styles (bold, italic, etc.), but Variable Fonts allow different styles for a particular headset to be placed within a single file. This approach reduces the size of web pages.

The version for macOS also received a “dark mode” that converts the background of the page to dark gray and the font color to white. This is considered more convenient when reading in the dark. The function in question corresponds to the “dark mode” of the macOS Mojave, which will see the light later this year.

The version for iOS, running the iPhone and iPad, was not updated. However, for this software platform a different approach is used – version 12, rather than 62, is relevant. However, those iPhone users who have an Android device, of course, will be able to use the new version of Firefox on their additional smartphones.

Firefox v62 is now available for download on all supported platforms. But it will be some time before the Android version appears on Google Play. Earlier, as already reported, the update was received by the Microsoft Edge browser.

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