For the first time in history, Ducati will open its laboratories for tourists

<pre>For the first time in history, Ducati will open its laboratories for tourists

Since April 28, in Borgo Panigale, where the headquarters of the brand Ducati is located, there will be guided tours of the Fisika in Moto facility, the famous laboratory of the company. A place where students are shown how physical principles are embodied in the form of specific technologies. How experiments are conducted and new knots for bikes are created, the entire undercurrent of the process.

Fisika in Moto was originally conceived as part of the global program Fondazione Ducati, dedicated to promoting the brand through a spectrum of various public benefit events. Specifically, the laboratory for the first ten years functioned in cooperation with the Malpighi Graduate School in Bologna, where they developed an interactive seminar for students. They clearly demonstrated how theoretical knowledge is embodied in real production.

 Ducati Lab

New tours are aimed at the general public, which will be conducted through three main laboratory complexes. In the first, Ducati engines are presented, the principle of their operation is explained. In the second hall experiments are conducted with various mechanisms affecting the dynamics of the work of motorcycles. In the last room there are interactive stands where tourists can pick up bikes from ready blocks themselves.

 Ducati Lab

You can get to the Ducati laboratory only if you have a ticket to the museum of the plant, which increases its cost from 30 to 45 euros. Tours should be booked in advance and it is better to do it in summer, during school holidays, since the basic program of excursions is coordinated with the curriculum.

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