Found an effective way to combat dependence on smartphones

<pre>Found an effective way to combat dependence on smartphones

The management of British schools agreed to pay students and students for the time they spend outside their smartphones. To this end, the Hold application has been developed, which keeps a constant record of activity and awards users who have overcome their craving for technology.

The idea of ​​the application is to give students the incentive not to be distracted from classes on social networks or messengers, . Given the high cost of training, even in not the most prestigious institutions in the country, the idea of ​​encouraging Hold users will not affect their well-being.


Bonuses for not using smartphones during school hours, however, will not be made in the form of real money. At the transition to a new level, users will be credited with points that they can then exchange for a certificate for a free movie ticket to a pre-selected network, popcorn or a hike in a cafe.

Initially, the Hold application was launched as a pilot project in Norway and Denmark, where it operates to this day. If you are lucky to be a student of one of the educational institutions in these countries, we recommend that you do not delay with its download.

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