Frameless Xiaomi Mi 7 probably appeared on the renderer

<pre>Frameless Xiaomi Mi 7 probably appeared on the renderer

The flagship Xiaomi Mi 7, whose release is likely to take place at the MWC 2018 in Barcelona, ​​will outwardly resemble an inverted Xiaomi Mi Mix. This is reported by GizChina with reference to the renderings of the alleged novelty, published by the user of social network Weibo, declaring his involvement in production.

The image shows that almost the entire front panel of the smartphone will occupy the display. At the top of it, resembling a bang, fit the front camera, light and proximity sensors and, possibly, a scanner with the function of recognizing faces. The fingerprint sensor will then move to the back panel.

Judging by the glare on the logo, the Xiaomi Mi 7 really gets a glass case. This measure is forced, as the manufacturer plans to equip the smartphone – for the first time in its history – with wireless charging technology. Glass, in contrast to metal, provides better conductivity of electricity.

In addition, according to confirmed information, Xiaomi Mi 7 will receive the newest Snapdragon 845 processor and, possibly, an additional chipset responsible for supporting artificial intelligence technologies. Thanks to the latter, the smartphone will be able to make better images and more competently distribute the battery life.

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