France to sue Google, Apple over developer contracts: minister – Tech News

 Le Maire said he had become aware that Alphabet Inc's Google and Apple Inc. unilaterally imposed prices and other contractual terms on software developers. — Reuters

PARIS: France will take Google and Apple to court over contractual terms, imposed by the tech giants on startups and developers, said Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire.

Speaking on RTL radio, Le Maire said on March 14 he had become Aware that Alphabet Inc's “I will consequently be taking Google and Apple to the Paris commercial court for abusive trade practices,” Le Maire said.

“As powerful as they are, Google and Apple should not be able to treat our startups and our developers the way they are currently doing.”

Spokespeople for Apple France and Google France did not immediately respond to calls and messages from Reuters seeking comment.

Le Maire also close to tax loopholes that benefit Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon by the start of 2019. Brussels is currently examining measures to improve the taxation of overseas tech giants' online business in European markets. – Reuters

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