France will build the largest tropical greenhouse in the world

<pre>France will build the largest tropical greenhouse in the world

The territory of Northern France does not differ particularly mild climate, even despite the proximity of the entire region to the Gulf Stream. That's why this place was chosen for the realization of an ambitious project – the company Coldefy & Associates wants to build the largest greenhouse on the planet near the Pas-de-Calais. Its key feature is that it will be one huge building arranged on the principle of a “super-greenhouse.”

The “Tropicalia” project, despite its scale, is very simple in its essence. A plot of land with an area of ​​20 000 sq.m. fence off the outside world with the help of a massive aluminum frame, on which the panels of ETFE are fixed. This is a building material based on polymer fluoroplast-40, which is distinguished by outstanding indicators of weather resistance. Plus it is lighter and cheaper than glass.

Representatives of the company say that they do not plan to install heating systems – on the contrary, it will also require heat removal. It will be created due to the natural greenhouse effect, by heating a huge mass of air under the dome of the sun's rays. The operating temperature inside the greenhouse is at least 28 degrees Celsius. There are options to create a system of heat removal and storage, for example, for energy production.

Inside the hothouse plant a huge number of purely tropical plants, equip waterfalls, lakes and hills, among which lay a footpath longer than a kilometer. Here settle turtles and coral fish, hummingbirds and birds of paradise, flowers and butterflies from the tropics. There will be restaurants, a hotel, shops, etc. for visitors. The capacity of the facility is estimated at 500,000 people per year, it is planned to be built between 2019 and 2021.

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