FT360 wearable collar camera is preparing to enter the market

<pre>FT360 wearable collar camera is preparing to enter the market
The FITT 360 is a camera that is worn around the neck, which is much simpler and more convenient than analogues that are attached to a helmet or clothing. For many hours, the FITT 360 is absolutely waterproof, resistant to mechanics eskim effects and temperature changes. The possibility of a circular view is provided by the presence of three cameras with Full HD resolution, located along the perimeter of the “collar”. The result is a panoramic image with a resolution of 4K. In addition, the camera has the following capabilities:
  • the power button turns on / off;
  • quickly captures the subject and activates the video / still image by pressing the button;
  • the battery powers the camera for 90 minutes;
  • the camera has access to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for access to the Internet through a smartphone;
  • in conjunction with the VR Head-Mount-Device helmet display, users will be able to “scroll” and watch again the most interesting moments of shooting.
The Kickstarter FITT 360 can be purchased for $ 349, which is 30% less than the estimated retail price.
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