Future Samsung smartphones will have expandable displays

<pre>Future Samsung smartphones will have expandable displays

Before Samsung launched its first flexible smartphone, Samsung Electronics started designing sliding displays. This follows from the materials of the US Patent and Trademark Office. According to the findings, the manufacturer is working to create a system of expansion mechanisms that increase the display area.

The idea of ​​Samsung Electronics involves combining two display panels that seem to be tucked together. This will fit them into the body of a mobile device of standard size. At the same time, when you need to increase the diagonal, the mechanism will spread out both panels, increasing the screen of the smartphone to the size of the tablet.

Obviously, the concept that the Koreans offer can not be embodied at the moment. Modern technologies have not yet reached the level of development to allow the realization of an idea, which, of course, has great potential. However, knowing Samsung, we can assume that something like this we will see after 4-5 years.

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