Galaxy Note 8 in Russian retailers lost half of its price

<pre>Galaxy Note 8 in Russian retailers lost half of its price

On the eve of the release of Galaxy Note 9, last year's Galaxy Note 8 lost almost half of its original price, which it went on sale in the Russian market. This conclusion came, analyzing the proposals of domestic retailers with the help of an independent system “Yandex.Market.”

At the time of publication of the material on August 9, 2018 Galaxy Note 8 is available for purchase at a price of 36 000 rubles against 69 990 rubles for start. Such a colossal decline in retail value occurred in less than a year since the release of the smartphone, which makes it possible to speak of a sort of anti-record that the Koreans installed.

Buy Galaxy Note 8 cheaply

In this case, of course, it is about “gray “The model imported into the Russian Federation bypassing the official supply channels. The lack of certification means that the owner of such a smartphone is not entitled to claim free warranty service at Samsung Electronics authorized service centers.

Is it worth buying a gray smartphone

However, often buying a “gray” device has its advantages. For example, American copies, which most often fall on the shelves of domestic resellers, are equipped with a Snapdragon processor that provides greater efficiency when performing resource-intensive tasks than Exynos.

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