Galaxy Note 8 is updated to Android Oreo in France. How are Galaxy Note 9 debut?

<pre>Galaxy Note 8 is updated to Android Oreo in France. How are Galaxy Note 9 debut?

Almost simultaneously on the web, there were immediately two important messages about the flagship of the Galaxy Note from Samsung. The first message concerns the Galaxy Note 8. These devices began to be updated to Android Oreo in France. The second message is most relevant to the preparation of the Galaxy Note 9 meeting with a wide audience of connoisseurs of smart phones from Samsung.

The leading supplier of smartphones to the world market, Samsung, in recent days has attracted even more attention than usual, it is hard to imagine. But not all user interest is directed towards the new flagships of the South Korean technological giant Galaxy S9 and S9 +. It seems that the update to the Android Oreo operating system not only for Galaxy S8, but Galaxy Note 8 also begins. In more detail, the new message was considered in the note by Adrian Diaconescu, published by the resource

Android Oreo some Galaxy Note 8 in the United States. It was an update provided by the operator AT & T for the files based on the chipset Snapdragon 835. The version of Android 8.0 Oreo, intended for Galaxy Note 8, in many respects similar to the one that targets the Galaxy S8.

This time flagship from Samsung began to be updated in France. Since the update provides a whole range of new features of Android 8.0 from Google, which develops the most popular mobile operating system, and Samsung Experience 9.0 improvements, it will take some time to download and install new software.

Meanwhile, preparations are under way for the announcement of the next generation flagship from the leader of the smartphone market. After all, users are waiting not only to update the software of previous models, but also impressive new products, which every year pleases their company Samsung. After all, smartphones offered on the market by the South Korean technological giant are very popular. And long before the release of the next model in the network there are a lot of reports about it, in particular, if it is a question of one of the most interesting flagships of the year. Since the popularity of smartphones with large screens is growing every year, it is the fablets that are increasingly beginning to attract the attention of a wide audience.

As reported in a note by Daniel Petrov, published resource, in which the author refers to a message resource, Samsung filed an application for the registration of the trademark “Galaxy Note 9” in Colombia among other brands of its recent smartphones. The filing date is March 12, 2018. And although several months remain before the official announcement of the device, users for the first time have received tangible confirmation that Note 9 will be released and preparations for its debut are already underway.

 Note 9

However, there are other steps on the way to release a new smartphone to the market. When a new trademark is registered by the USPTO, this will mean that the debut of the novelty is already close and soon users will enjoy the next flagship report from Samsung.

It is expected that the upcoming Galaxy Note 9, like Galaxy Note 8, will be characterized by 6.3 inch display. At the same time, improvements will affect the brightness and the glass of the new device's display, which will be similar to the screens of the previously presented Galaxy S9 and S9 + flagships.

It is expected that two versions of Galaxy Note 9 will appear on the market, the difference between which will be in used chipsets. One version will be based on Snapdragon 845, the second – on Exynos 9810. The novelty will be completed with 6 gigabytes of RAM. On its back panel is a double camera. And it is very likely that this camera will be the same as the one that found its use in the already-seen flagship devices Galaxy S9 and S9 +. On the back of the flagship phablet, which will become one of the most interesting announcements of the smartphone industry in the second half of this year, the fingerprint scanner will be located.

Although many users expected Galaxy Note 9 to be the first smartphone from Samsung, an innovative display fingerprint scanner will find use, but previously it was reported that this hardware feature will not find its use in the next flagship file from the leader of the smart phone market.

As a reason, it was called that attempts to implement such a technology in the end did not give the desired result. Disadvantages of the technology are called different moments. Among them is the complication of the screen design of the device and the slow operation.

At the same time it is still believed that over time “frameless” devices will be equipped with built-in fingerprint scanners. However, any new technology becomes massively not immediately, and sometimes it begins to be widely used in consumer electronics for more than one year.

In the Telegram chat, readers will be able to discuss the prospects for upgrading the device from Samsung to the new version of Android and those functions that would be seen in the new Galaxy Note 9.

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