Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9: what will consumers choose?

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Despite the obvious advantages of the Galaxy S9 over the Galaxy S8, most consumers will prefer the model of the previous generation. This was shown by a poll conducted by phoneArena among its readers. According to its results, the votes of the respondents were divided in the ratio of 60 to 40.

The main reasons why respondents preferred the Galaxy S8 to a newer model are almost identical appearance, comparable speed level and a much lower price of the previous generation smartphone. In addition, during the existence of the G-8 on the market, the manufacturer has eliminated most of the model's shortcomings, unlike the Galaxy S9, which it all has to do.

The advantages that the “nine” can boast are not so significant as to overpay the extra $ 100 , the consumers note. Cartoon selfmihedges, stereo speakers and a fingerprint scanner located in the right place are definitely not what you should strive for, especially if the goal is to save.

Why to buy Galaxy S9

There were, however, those who were more Galaxy S9 liking. One of the reasons why respondents preferred the novelty is an additional year of software support, which is highly valued in the Android environment. “By purchasing the Galaxy S9 here and now, I'm guaranteed to receive another year of updates,” says the user scarface21173. “

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