Galaxy S9 + in production is more expensive than Note 8, but cheaper than iPhone X

<pre>Galaxy S9 + in production is more expensive than Note 8, but cheaper than iPhone X

The total cost of components used in the production of Galaxy S9 + is equal to 379 US dollars, experts from TechInsights have found out. This is even more than required for the assembly of last year's Galaxy Note 8, all the details of which at the start of the model's sales were estimated at $ 369.

The most expensive component of the Galaxy S9 + was its display. According to TechInsights, the production of a curved OLED-matrix costs the Korean vendor at 72.5 dollars. A similar detail of Galaxy Note 8 is worth $ 9.5 more – obviously, support for the “smart” Pen S Pen is affected.

It is interesting that the display of the current flagship was also cheaper than last year's. The graph shows that a year earlier the manufacturer spent on the production of an organic matrix of a similar diagonal and characteristics of $ 78.5.

In second place is the baseband processor, estimated by TechInsights experts at $ 68. Compared to the flagship smartphones of previous years, its cost has declined by 50 cents relative to Galaxy Note 8 and by 3 dollars compared to Galaxy S8 +.

The Galaxy S9 + camera with a variable aperture has considerably risen in price, which now costs 48 dollars. For comparison: the double camera last year's Galaxy Note 8 cost the South Korean manufacturer only $ 40.5, while a single module for the Galaxy S8 + cost $ 32.

Before blaming the producer for greed, remember that the final cost of the product is calculated not only at based on component costs. The final amount includes expenses for the development, promotion of the goods, logistics, labor remuneration and many other factors.

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