Galaxy S9 + Mini? Almost doublet with double camera

<pre>Galaxy S9 + Mini? Almost doublet with double camera

The line of top-end smartphones Galaxy S9 from Samsung can be replenished with one more model. It may turn out to be equipped with a trendy dual camera mini version of the Galaxy S9 +, which will not be as compact as one might imagine considering a Mini-smartphone. However, the diagonals of displays of digital devices are growing, and the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir miniaturization is also changing.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that Samsung strives to offer unusual versions of its smart phones in the Chinese market. After all, the Chinese market is full of inexpensive devices of this popular category from Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and other vendors. On the web, there was a message about another version of the Galaxy S9, which was reviewed by Daniel Petrov on the pages of the resource in the context of additional details stated in Peter's article published by the resource.

Galaxy S9 with a dual camera and 5.8-inch screen?

 Galaxy S9 + Mini?

It's a version of the Galaxy S9 with a dual camera, like the S9 +, but located just like it is implemented in the iPhone X – in the upper left corner of the back of your smartphone. This smartphone was certified by the Chinese regulator TENAA. And it has the same technical characteristics as the S9. The code name for the model in question is SM-G8850. Earlier in the modern blogosphere considering the upcoming additional device of the flagship Galaxy S9 line was considered as the S9 Mini, but now it became clear that there is no question of a miniature smartphone. Thus, it can be considered more likely as an S9 + Mini, as, as already noted above, the device not yet presented to the general public is equipped with a dual camera.

The S9 + Mini, as follows from the listing of the smartphone's specifications, will be offered to consumers in two versions, differing in the amount of RAM, which will be 4 or 6 gigabytes. The S9 + Mini battery will, unfortunately, be similar to the one that found its use in the basic Galaxy S9 model, and its volume will be 3000 mAh.

 Galaxy S9 + Mini?

The smartphone in question, with a screen size of 5, 8 inches, closer to the facet than to what users usually expect from a mini version of the previously presented flagship. The SM-G8850 can be briefly described as S9 with a dual camera. In addition to a sufficiently large Super AMOLED-display and a dual 12-megapixel camera, the device is also equipped with the flagship chipset Snapdragon 845. On the basis of this particular hardware platform, a number of flagships that have been impressive by their technical characteristics and functionality have been released this year.

to the Galaxy S lineup a new smartphone from Samsung with Snapdragon 845?

However, as to what new smartphone is involved, there is another opinion. It is possible that the model of the mobile device in question will not concern the Galaxy S9 flagship line at all. @IceUniverse reported in the Chinese social network Weibo that this is the new Galaxy A8.

However, regardless of whether the upcoming smartphone will be called the Galaxy S9 + Mini, Galaxy A8 or any other way, the device based on the mobile platform Snapdragon 845 and, in addition, equipped with a camera similar to the one that differs S9 +, will undoubtedly become one of the most impressive mobile devices that will soon debut. But there is a high probability that the model of the smartphone in question will only be offered to consumers in the Chinese market.

What was previously considered on the Galaxy S9 Mini network?

It should be noted that some of the expected technical characteristics of the Galaxy S9 Mini have already been considered. It was a smart phone with another “iron.”

Based on the Geekbench benchmark listing, the debut of the device was planned, the model number of which is SM-G8750. This smartphone during its testing by a well-known benchmark was based on the hardware platform Snapdragon 660 and was characterized by a memory capacity of 4 gigabytes.

It should be noted that many users dream that the model will again appear on the market of the Mini flagship line Galaxy S from the leader market smartphones. As early as the middle of November last year, the assumption was made that according to this year the Galaxy S9 Mini was to be seen with a very modest 4-inch display by modern standards.

It was also reported that, like models with large screen sizes, this smartphone will be equipped with a full-screen Infinity display. The model of Samsung's flagship Mini of 2018 was previously considered also by the Ice Universe, who believed that the novelty would be equipped with a 5-inch screen. However, if the mini-version of the Galaxy S9 + becomes a device with a 5.8-inch display, then it will surpass all expectations concerning the upcoming novelty, although it will not be the smartphone that connoisseurs of compact flagships are waiting for.

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