Game of the Far Cry 5: one against the cult

<pre>Game of the Far Cry 5: one against the cult

The essence of Far Cry franchise games always comes down to a very simple concept: the protagonist is opposed to the superior enemy army in every respect in a spacious open world. It can be a tropical island in the Indian Ocean, the African savannah or the Himalayas – the essence of this does not change. The main thing is that “one man's war” excites players. This year, the French publishing house Ubisoft decided to please us with the fifth numbered game of the series, which takes place in the American outback, under the control of the destructive cult of the Gate of Eden, led by the self-proclaimed prophet Joseph Sid.

Game: Far Cry 5
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows
Genre: First Person Shooter, Action, Adventure
Release date: March 27, 2018
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft

Far Cry 5 left true to the proven formula for years. As the saying goes: if something works well, you need to try not to break it. The first difference between the game and its predecessors is the character editor, where each player can design a protagonist to his own taste and color. Previously, we always played for the hero, who was completely created for us by the developers. Now you can give the will of fantasy: choose for the character skin color, sex, clothing, hair and so on. Of course, by and large, this has no effect on the gameplay, however, many players are very fond of associating themselves with the protagonists, so they should be pleased with this innovation.

As I mentioned above, the plot of Far Cry 5 unfolds in the fictional Hope County of the American state of Montana. Joseph Sid and his minions hold the local population in fear, preaching their destructive religion. The outposts of the cult are scattered all over the world map and if someone from the local people tries to rebel against the existing regime, he is immediately punished according to all the rules of the Gate of Eden. At some point, local law enforcement agencies come into conflict with sectarians, after which several policemen die. This marked the beginning of a real war. Residents of Hope County, who are able to hold arms in their hands, form resistance and are trying to rebuff the cult.

We have to play for the deputy sheriff, who was charged with arresting the head of the cult. Joseph Sid, also known under the pseudonym “Father”, is assisted by three of his closest henchmen: the former military Jacob, the talented lawyer John, and Faith – a pseudo-pacifist trying to get the local population to believe that the “Gate of Eden” is the only possible option salvation for them. To resist them will be no less colorful characters from the resistance: the pastor Jerome, whose parishioners were captured by the cultists and converted into their faith, the barmaida Mary, whose father was killed by members of the cult, as well as the brave pilot Nick, fighting for the future for his children.

The open world Far Cry 5 attracts a huge number of ways for the player to entertain themselves. The map is divided into three spacious regions and from the first seconds of the game you can go to any of them without any restrictions. In addition to the plot quests, there are certainly traditional for the series seizures of roadblocks, the collection of rare items, the destruction of buildings that are of particular value to the sect, animal hunting, fishing and many, many other side missions that can take you for dozens of hours. Minor tasks allow you to pump the protagonist, and his skills you can improve with the help of the found magazines. There were echoes of previous games: you can still use the flying wing for planning from a great height, and also a hook-cat in order to overcome various obstacles.

In the struggle against sectarians, you will be helped by a vast arsenal of weapons, consisting of shotguns, pistols, missile launchers, bows, grenades, and, of course, weapons for close combat. In the course will go even unusual objects like baseball bats and sledge hammers – in combat any means are good. The list of vehicles for traveling on the roads, lakes and skies of Montana is also quite extensive. In addition to jeeps with machine guns, coolest maslkars, ATVs and armored trucks, boats, helicopters and even airplanes will be available to you. Some of the quests are tied up on vehicles, so you have to master the management of them without fail.

I was very pleased with the system of assistants managed by artificial intelligence. In order to get into your tiny army of unique fighters, you will have to perform special quests. But, believe me, it's worth it. In the game there are ordinary randomly generated NPCs that are adjacent to the resistance as the story progresses, as well as unique special fighters. For example, Grace – an excellent sniper, and Sharkey – skillfully handles the flamethrower. Others are excellent firing from noiseless bow, grenade launcher and other weapons. But the helpers-people this list is not limited. You can also get hold of tame animals: a bear named Cheeseburger, the faithful dog of Boomer and the Pimchus puma.

The main goal of the player is to obtain a certain number of “resistance points” in each of the three regions of Hope County, as well as a victory over the three above-mentioned lieutenants of the cult leader. Of course, the final boss is Joseph Sid himself. The implementation of multiple sidekvestov optional, but greatly helps in the main progress of the game. Periodically you will stumble upon random events during which you have to save local residents from sectarians, find caches and open safes with valuables, and also destroy the property of the Gate of Eden. Try to communicate with the NPCs as often as possible. They provide you with important information, add notes to the map, and also new quests in your journal. The game is very friendly to users and adequately rewards for the performance of any, even the most insignificant tasks.

Visual Far Cry 5 looks nice, although it is based on the same graphics engine Dunia Engine 2 (heavily modified CryEngine) as the previous two games of the series. We need to pay tribute to the developers, because they carefully studied the state of Montana and painstakingly recreated it on the screen in the smallest detail. Nature in the game is one of the most beautiful in my memory. You can endlessly admire the lakes, forests, meadows and other beauties of Hope County. Disappointed me except that the range of drawing, when objects can sometimes appear before you from nowhere (and the problem is actual even for owners of consoles like PS4 Pro). And even during flights on an airplane, this shortcoming directly cuts eyes. Otherwise, I do not want to complain about the graphical component of Far Cry 5.

The music for the game was written by the talented composer Dan Romer. He created soundtracks for such films as “Bezrodnye beasts” (2015), “Beasts of the wild south” (2012) and “Circus of freaks” (2017). The musical background perfectly emphasizes what is happening on the screen, and each of the four main villains has its own musical theme. Moreover, each of the three regions differs from the rest with its unique musical style. OST skillfully mixed genres of country music, glam rock and even industrial, creating an amazing atmosphere, enveloping the player for tens of hours of passage.

It's nice that the game has the opportunity to go through a story campaign with a friend. True progress on missions is retained only by the main player, the second player receives at his disposal only new combat skills, money and weapons. In any case, it's very interesting and exciting to go through plot and side tasks with a friend. Particularly interesting missions are when you have to drive a vehicle while your friend is firing off enemies from a machine gun installed on the machine. Cooperative gameplay, so rare in our day, harmoniously complements the game and makes it even more attractive for purchase.

The fact that in Far Cry 5 Ubisoft is not at all embarrassed to use proven mechanics from previous games is one of the drawbacks. Yes, the atmosphere and entourage changed, but otherwise, you constantly notice that before you the same series without any drastic changes. This kind of self-copying is quite understandable on the one hand, on the other hand it's not entirely clear why the developers clung so tightly to the past and do not allow themselves to move forward. If you take a good look, you will notice a lot of imperfections and shortcomings in the game. Periodically, you will meet small bugs and glitches, with which, in principle, you can live, but the general impression they still affect negatively. Take at least incredibly aggressive turkeys, who cheated on the player with a few strokes (fortunately, the bug has already repaired the patch released recently). Of course, the game was not without microtransactions, with which you can unlock weapons and new clothes for the character. They are not intrusive, but still noticeable.


  • A huge, beautiful and dynamically changing open world.
  • A steep setting for the American state of Montana and bright characters.
  • A smart action that does not bore you for a second.
  • An impressive amount of game content and gambling mechanic.
  • Four remarkable villains with their unique charisma.
  • A great soundtrack, intertwining in itself many genres.
  • Wonderful AI assistants and tame animals.
  • Possibility of cooperative passing of the game.

Cons :

  • Ubisoft does not hesitate to resort to
  • The plot is sometimes disappointing with repetitive approaches.
  • Problems with the range of objects drawing.
  • Microtransactions cloud the general picture.
  • Small flaws and minor bugs.

Far Cry 5 will undoubtedly please fans of the series with a variety of gameplay and a competent choice of the region, where unfolding plot twists and turns. The abundance of sidekids, activities, as well as the opportunity to go through the game together with a friend make the game as attractive to fans of the genre as “sandbox”. In Far Cry 5, you can really spend more than a dozen hours just exploring the spacious open world, admiring the nature and discovering all the new and new secrets of this virtual world. Disappears except that the fact that the developers are afraid to part with the history of the past and with might and main exploit them in a new game. Therefore, she gets 8 points out of 10 from me, but this does not mean that the project does not deserve your attention. If you like this franchise, Far Cry 5 becomes compulsory. After all, this is the best and most intense game of the series for today.

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