Gamepad for the head will give gamers new features

<pre>Gamepad for the head will give gamers new features

Some have few buttons on the keyboard and progaming mouse to fully realize all the control features in their favorite computer game. Such demanding players will help the new Californian startup called “Tilted”. Its development is a kind of gamepad that attaches to the player’s head and is used for transmitting commands.

The Tilted device looks like a small box with a gyroscope and sensors inside, which can be fastened with magnetic fasteners right over your favorite headset. It tracks the position of the head in space and can interpret these movements as eight different commands. What they will mean – the player decides using a simple utility for the PC.

The data transfer rate is only 2 milliseconds, Tilted is compatible with 99% of all existing games under Windows, and can be useful even in non-game applications. For example, for users with disabilities – in the world there are a lot of people with impaired motor functions of the body.

The cost of one device is $ 47 at the fundraising stage and $ 79 later. It is worth considering that Tilted is quite resource-intensive, one battery charge is only enough for 20 hours of work. The startup has actually received the proper amount of funding, and therefore the new controllers will be available for sale very soon.

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