Get ahead of the crowd with these alternatives to Facebook Messenger – Tech News

<pre>Get ahead of the crowd with these alternatives to Facebook Messenger - Tech News
Luckily, there are plenty of other messaging services out there, many of which offer much better data protection.

The only problem is, you will need to persuade your friends and family to start using the same service as you – after all, the best messaging app in the world is useless without contacts.

But once you've explored the options, why not give one's try and see if you can persuade anyone else to join you? Read on for some of the alternatives.

Why is everyone so down on Facebook?

Facebook has come up with a messenger app on their smartphones.

The app requires many permissions. For example, it can not be encrypted, but it is possible to encrypt them on individual chats.

Is WhatsApp any better?

WhatsApp has been owned by Facebook since 2014. Its terms of use say that it is a separate service, it shares information with Facebook. This includes phone numbers. On the plus side, WhatsApp conversations are encrypted.

What are the alternatives?

Signal, a free messenger from Open Whisper Systems, is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. It allows the encrypted sending of text messages, photos, videos and other files to individuals and groups.

You can also make phone calls on Signal. The source code is visible and Open. Whisper Systems has entered into a number of collaborations with other services to improve its encryption technology.

Telegram is also free for iOS, Android and Windows. Telegram can create groups of up to 100,000 members.

However, the service has been criticized by consumer protection advocates. The headquarters of the company and the location of its servers is unclear. The development team reports itself to be in Dubai.

Chats are not automatically encrypted, but there is an option to encrypt them. The company is in the conflict with the Russian security agencies because it does not want to share data with government agencies.

Telegram was founded by Pavel Durov, who developed VK, a Russian alternative to Facebook.

Wire is another free app that runs on smartphones, tablets and computers. The Swiss company behind it promises the encrypted exchange of texts, photos and videos. In addition, individual and group calls are possible.

SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube. The code is open source and according to the company of its servers are in Germany and Ireland. – dpa

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