Google allowed manufacturers to hide the shortcomings of their smartphones

<pre>Google allowed manufacturers to hide the shortcomings of their smartphones

Google does not mind that the manufacturers of smartphones coming out within the framework of the Android One initiative hide the notch in the display by software methods. Representatives of the search giant told journalists about the XDA resource. According to them, participation in the program does not impose restrictions on vendors' modification of the OS functions.

Rumors about the stringent requirements that Google makes for the functionality of smartphones from the Android One line got to the Network through the fault of HMD Global, which owns the rights to the Nokia brand. According to the representatives of the Finnish corporation, the developers were forced to remove the superstructure to mask the cutout in the Nokia 6.1 Plus screen, since it does not exist in the stock version of Android.

Is it possible to hide the notch in the display

The history did not bypass the main product manager of HMD Global Juho Sarvikas. A few hours after the announcement of Google's position on the masking of display holes in smartphones of the Android One lineup, the top manager issued a statement in which he promised to return the function to conceal the design flaw.

As it became known last week, Nokia removed from the firmware Nokia 6.1 Plus add-on, allowing to disguise the indentation in the display with a solid black stripe. Answering users' questions about why the function suddenly disappeared, the manufacturer's representatives referred to a ban on Google's part allegedly due to a violation of the Android One concept.

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