Google Assistant on Android got a useful feature

<pre>Google Assistant on Android got a useful feature

Google has decided to please Android owners with an interesting innovation. This week, users will begin to receive the Visual Snapshot feature, which will become part of Google Assistant.

Visual Snapshot is a kind of central panel of the smartphone that displays all the information important to the user, formed on the basis of tracking its actions. However, it's no secret that Google knows a lot about users, so they can afford to implement such a feature.

VS can display important content based on time and date. For example, at 8:40 am, the Assistant displays the central task at the top of the page – getting to work. The information is presented in the form of a card, the time it takes to get to work is displayed, in addition, the Assistant offers to start the navigation immediately.

Based on the usual user actions, the Assistant will display buttons with quick actions (find out the weather, call Brian, open Spotify and so on). By flipping the tape, the user can view the agenda, recalling, reservations, promotions, recent purchases, the next flights.

Also, based on the user's actions at the end of the list, the Assistant will offer certain actions with the applications. For example, open the settings.

The innovation is extremely interesting and useful. Visual Snapshot combines all the important information at the moment to the user in one window and it's extremely convenient.

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