Google has taught Chrome for Android to warn about the dangers of the web

<pre>Google has taught Chrome for Android to warn about the dangers of the web

Google has released another update to the company's Chrome Web browser for Android. The updated application has received the promised protection from the Specter vulnerability, which forcibly isolates web pages and thus prevents information from being intercepted, and has learned how to mark sites without https encryption as potentially unsafe.

Although not all sites without https encryption are malicious, they do not have basic protection, which means they pose a danger to user data. To avoid problems, it is not recommended to enter personal information on sites that are unprotected by the https protocol, especially when it comes to payment data.

The use of https

“Data encryption is what users can expect from each service by default, “said Emily Schechter, Google Product Manager. “Even the most harmless sites that do not collect any data must be protected.”

The https protocol not only prevents the interception of user personal data, but also prevents attackers from embedding extraneous links and ads on a secure site. Neglect of encryption often results in the compromise of the resource due to the spread of malicious software with it.

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