Google introduced Android Pie (Go edition)

<pre>Google introduced Android Pie (Go edition)

Google has given a small, but still push, to the development of the budget Android-smartphones market. The first Android Go smartphones were introduced in April this year, and now more than 200 devices are sold on the market in 120 countries.

The Android Go system has a low CPU and memory requirement, which makes it possible for owners of cheap and weak smartphones to use their smartphones on the latest version of Android, but with simplified applications. Among them are Google Go, YouTube Go, Files Go and others.

The company aimed to ensure that the cost of Go devices did not exceed $ 30. Google itself now claims that in some countries such smartphones can be purchased for $ 30, but this statement is very strange, considering the fact that all Go-smartphones that we met are worth at least $ 80. [19659003]

Nokia 1, if you believe the image from the site Google, is valued at $ 67, although at the start of sales it cost $ 85. Google is clearly trying to understate the real numbers or really wants to make such smartphones cost between 30 and 50 dollars, but so far the reality is quite different. In Russia, for example, Nokia 1 can be bought for 7 thousand rubles (almost 100 dollars).

However, today it's not a bit of that. Google introduced the Android Pie Go Edition. The system will occupy 500 MB of memory in memory in comparison with Android Oreo Go Edition. Thus, out of 8 GB, 5.5 GB will be available to the user.

The company also promises faster system boot, improved security, and more flexible analysis of mobile traffic consumption.

The first smartphones on Android Pie Go Edition will be presented this fall.

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