Google introduced Google Pay


Google decided to merge Android Pay, Google Wallet, and autocomplete payment information for Chrome and named a similar Google Pay merge. It's quite amusing to observe such actions against the background of the presence of a similar solution for the main competitor. It's about Apple Pay.

Yes, technically there is no difference between Android Pay and Apple Pay, but renaming can be justified. Google Pay still sounds better and clearer, in the case of Android Pay, it's more about something specific, while under the Google Pay brand, you can continue to use additional services related to purchases and payments.

It was Google that first introduced mobile payments using Google Wallet, so technically Google has become a pioneer, but with marketing, the company clearly has problems, because three times changing the name of the product is not the best way to popularize it. In people's minds, there will be confusion.

Google announced that in the coming weeks the “G Pay” brand will appear everywhere, and now it can be seen on the sites of Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse and Instacart.

The result? This is all Google. There are cool technologies, but organizational and marketing problems spoil almost every product of the company.

According to androidpolice

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