Google launched a new feature that will help get rid of the negative news

<pre>Google launched a new feature that will help get rid of the negative news

We discuss Google quite often as a company that is too closely monitoring its users, but this is only a small part of what the guys from Google do. The company does make the world a better place, and the next function is a confirmation.

Google has launched a new team that can be assigned to the Assistant:

Ok Google, please something.

In response to the command, the Assistant will display a list of positive news. We are all used to reading on the Internet mostly negative information. Somewhere there was an explosion, Apple shares fell (although this is positive information), somewhere they killed someone. There is a lot of negative media, and the media like this information because it gives the greatest return.

But the negative leads to the fact that users have problems with the psyche, they begin to think about how things go wrong and fall in depression. No wonder adults prefer not to read news, because they tend to be negative.

You know less – you sleep more tightly

Google will fix the situation. Now users with the help of this team will be able to receive only positive news. Thus, the company wants to balance the flow of information so that users do not think that tomorrow will come the end of the world.

Currently, the function is launched in the test mode in the US, later it will be available to Russian users.

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