“Google Photos” will allow you to manually adjust the intensity of blur on portrait photos


“Google Photos” for Android will allow you to adjust the intensity of the background blur on ready-made portrait photos. This conclusion was reached by the journalists of AndroidPolice, having studied the APK-file of the application. Its content confirmed several new developments, including the bokeh effect controller.

Adjust blur on the photo

The appearance in Google Photos of a tool for more accurate adjustment of the background blur intensity will significantly improve the experience of users with portrait shooting mode. For example, Google's proprietary editor will make the bokeh effect softer, so that the object in the foreground is not so noticeable, or vice versa.

Since the update with the corresponding functionality has not yet come out, it's for sure not known whether the tool for adjusting blur intensity will be applied to all photos without exception or only to those that were originally filmed in portrait mode. For example, Instagram allows you to apply bokeh effect to regular pictures.

Free space in Google Photos

In addition, in the updated “Google Photos” will be a special switch that will in real time slightly reduce the quality of photos to save space on the disk. This function is useful to those users who originally downloaded images to the storage in the original quality.

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