Google Play received a partial refund of purchases. How it works?

<pre>Google Play received a partial refund of purchases. How it works?

The Google App Store has learned how to refund users' incomplete expenses. The innovation was noticed the day before by the developers. The function was implemented imperceptibly, so most developers have not activated it yet.

A new option is available in the Developer Console on Google Play. Once the owner of it turns on, users will be able to receive part of the money spent. According to Phone Arena, the option is suitable for reimbursing unused subscriptions or as compensation for disgruntled users.

However, the Google Play console automatically calculates the tax amount from the return amount.

There are a number of restrictions:

– partial refund does not support paid applications;

– the option is available for purchases made in March 2018 and later;

– compensation is not compatible with some payment methods;

– The function does not work with orders made through Subscribe with Google.

The innovation is not mandatory. If the developer does not want to activate it, users will not be able to count on reimbursement.

The usefulness of the function is traditionally discussed in the telegram-chat of AndroidInsider.

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