Google pressed the sore spot of Windows and Mac users in new ads

<pre>Google pressed the sore spot of Windows and Mac users in new ads

Chrome OS can hardly be called a serious competitor for macOS and Windows. A full-fledged operating system for a computer, it also can not be called. Nevertheless, there are some advantages of Chrome OS, which Google demonstrated in new advertising.

The capabilities of macOS and Windows are higher than those of Chrome OS. It is possible that for this reason the stability of these systems is lower. Google showed in advertising everything we hate: a beach ball download from macOS, an hourglass from Windows, error notifications, updates and finally a blue screen.


This is not visible to users of the Chromebook, and it's on this wanted to focus on Google. In addition, the video showed applications that are available to users of Chromebook. Among them are those that came to the platform from Google Play and were originally created for Android. This does not prevent Google from claiming that Lightroom, Netflix and PUBG Mobile are available on the Chromebook.

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